Shanghai Baoshan Cruise Terminal


Shanghai, is China’s biggest and richest city which is known as the ‘Oriental Paris’. It is a great tourist destination that is famous for its historical landmarks as well as modern and ever-expanding skylines.


Baoshan District is one of a district of Shanghai covering the area of around 424.58 square kilometers (163.93 sq mi) and had a population of 1,905,000 at the time of the 2010 Chinese census. Baoshan was the area/ scene of heavy fighting during the Battle of Shanghai. In 2015 many economic migrants from Chongming Island had moved to Baoshan District, Shanghai.


The Language of Baoshan is Yunnan Dialect.

Shanghai Baoshan Cruise Port:

Shanghai Cruise Port is one of the most important ports of all the Asia Pacific cruises. Shanghai Cruise Port consists of a total of three International Cruise Terminals. They are;

1- Wusongkou Cruise International Terminal

2- Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal

3- Waigaoqiao International Cruise Terminal

Shanghai Baoshan Cruise Terminal:

Shanghai Baoshan Cruise Terminal is also known as “Wusongkou Cruise International Terminal”. Shanghai Baoshan Cruise terminal is the best-built port in Shanghai being the 4th largest cruise port in the world. It is located in Paotaiwan Bay, where the Yangtze River meets the Huangpu River and flows into the sea and as being in the meeting point of these rivers it is one of the busiest international cruise terminals in Asia.

On December 20th, 2008 the construction of Shanghai Baoshan Cruise Terminal started and on April 27th, 2010 Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Port got the first International Cruise which was Diamond Princess and started its operation in October 2011.

What makes Shanghai Baoshan Cruise Terminal best is its natural water depth advantage and top municipal and service infrastructure. The cruise terminal has a constant depth of 9 to 13 meters in its forepart and 1 to 2 kilometers from the Yangtze main channel. The frontage of the terminal is about 1,500 meters in length and 30–40 meters in width.


Shanghai Cruise terminal is so amazingly large that it can accommodate up to 4 cruise ships of 100,000–150,000 tons at the same time. The total area of its harbor district is more than 160 hectares, of which the core zone takes only 49 hectares.

Transportation to Shanghai Baoshan (Wusongkou) Cruise Terminal:

Shanghai Baoshan Cruise Terminal is about 25 km from the main Shanghai center city.

Unfortunately, there is no direct public transportation between the Shanghai Baoshan Cruise Terminal and Shanghai city center. You have two options either you can go to the cruise terminal by taking a subway or you can take a taxi. If you don’t want to spend so much money and want to take the subway you have to walk to it and wait in line and if you have a lot of luggage or don’t have enough time taking taxi are the most convenient way, you can book a transfer service or take a taxi.


Some of the cruises that Shanghai Baoshan Cruise terminal contains include, Oceania Nautica, Arcadia, Azamara Quest, Celebrity Millennium, Crystal Symphony, Diamond Princess, Sapphire Princess, Holland America, Star Cruises, Ocean Princess, Costa Rica Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruises.

Ship Travel:

The places to which the International cruises of Shanghai Baoshan Cruise terminal leaves are Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea and the he domestic ships tours to Shanghai, Tianjin, and Beijing as well as coastal provinces such as Guangxi, Hainan, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning, and Guangdong.


There are only 53 countries that are allowed to travel to Shanghai on 144 hours free visa. If any foreign traveler and tourists entering Shanghai by a cruise ship or any other mode of transport, and they are planning to spend more than 15 days in Shanghai, they have to must obtain a visa before their visit. Those who have entered in Shanghai city by traveling through a cruise ship, those are eligible for only up to 15 days visa-free stay. However, this policy only favors those who enter in groups, so to avail, this offer one makes sure to join a tour package at least having two people and the tour package must be a legally registered travel agency.

Facilities in Shanghai Baoshan International Cruise Terminal:

The following are the different basic facilities provided inside Shanghai Baoshan Cruise Terminal for example; if you are feeling hungry there are food outlets or in you want to have a photo state of your passport, the facility is available. Some of the facilities include;

Parking Lot:

There is a parking lot located about 400 meters away from the cruise terminal where you can park your vehicle if you have come to the cruise terminal in your vehicle. The Parking lot is open 24/7 hours and it takes 40 Yuan a day for car parking.

Shopping Area:

Shopping is always a good idea when you are getting bore, the Shanghai Baoshan cruise terminal contains a duty-free shop where the duty-free commodities are available at very good and lower price.


Shanghai Baoshan Cruise terminal also contains food outlets in which some famous outlet like Starbucks is also available and other than that there are convenience stores.

Currency Exchanges:

The facility of currency exchange is also available in Shanghai Baoshan Cruise Terminal. The office of currency is located inside in the hall of Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal, unfortunately, there is no ATM there.

Free Shuttle Bus:

Free Shuttle Bus service is also available; you can easily travel from one point to another indie the terminal.

Passport Copying:

Free service of Passport photocopy is also available so one can behave a copy of their passport in case of an emergency.

The Passport coping service available inside Shanghai Baoshan Cruise Terminal is free of cost so you don’t have to face any inconvenience regarding that.

Shanghai Baoshan (Wusongkou) Cruise Terminal Contact Information:

Address: – No.01 Baoyang Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

Location: – About 24 km to the northeast of Shanghai city center (People’s Square). It can be reached either by subway + taxi.

Contact Number:-400-858-0655(Service Hour:9:00-17:00)

Email Address: –

Website: –

Zip: – 2019001

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